Erection Procurement and Commission of RTUs’& FRTUs’

In the vast scope of services of SCADA and Substation Automation the industry is providing the inherent scope of expertise in Research and Designing, Equipment manufacturers, HMI and Control center developers the gap in the industry notices is in the areas of engineering, support, and training services to assist customers in meeting demanding project and construction schedules.

GridX engineers are experienced in configuring, packaging, and commissioning RTUs, PLCs, HMIs, radios, and relays. GridX can work locally with utilities to extend the life of existing infrastructure and increase the return on installed assets.

GridX has experience in having a sizable pool of experiences Project Managers with 2 decades of experience and adequate pools of SMEs, Site Engineers, Technicians, and Subject Matter Experts.

GridX over the long period has put enormous efforts to develop and stabilized processes, procedures and detailed quality assurances deliverable and full proof Quality Checks to meet the customer’s schedules and surpassing customer quality requirements

Best practice services GridX can provide include that can be bundled in any patterns to serve the client requirements