GridX SCADA is a powerful data acquisition, process monitoring and control software that lets you build and deliver HMI / SCADA and reporting solutions with minimal efforts. It is designed to provide data visualization suitable for Infrastructure operations, as well as to generate data and analysis reports that help process managers take informed and timely decisions.

Key Benefits
  • Flexible, configurable, easy to implement and intuitively user friendly SCADA
  • High reliability and availability
  • Highly Scalable
  • Built-in reporting engine
  • Lower cost of building solution due to ease of use and short learning curve
  • Highly visual and easy SET-UP AND CONFIGURATION
  • Exhaustive LIBRARIES of configurable items along with OEM specified ranges and standards for Pick and Place and Drag and Drop in entire scope of HMI
  • Extensive and extensible symbols library with animation support lets you build intuitive, HMIs with professional look and feel
  • Ability to import basic infrastructure diagram from create text based netlist
  • Ability to export infrastructure diagram to create netlist
  • Seamless drill down navigation among components
  • Intuitive STATISTICAL PLOTTER, with complete control on parameters to be recorded for statistical history
  • Easy and flexible process alarm definition and alarm management
  • Built-in active and historical alarm views
  • Built-in REPORTER for generating reports based on captured process data and manually entered data
  • Powerful expression evaluation capability for computed / memory parameter implementation
  • Advanced look-up value support for computed / memory parameters. Very useful for application for DMS, Quality power supply
  • Ability to compute resource consumption that is measured with monotonically increasing meters. This provides you with an ability to get hourly power / fuel consumption reports without writing elaborate scripts
  • Support for creating MANUAL DATA ENTRY for capturing data out of the automation scope
  • Automatic scheduled backup support for process data and project configuration
  • Provides device communication status display, and device communication status log report
  • Task reminder service for short duration as well as long duration scheduled tasks, with built-in task completion log report
  • Secure access ensuring only authorized persons can modify project configuration
  • Automatic drill down navigation for accessing Graphical Plotter, Infrastructure Mapper, Manual Data Entry, Reporter and other modules of the project