OLTE (Optical Line Transmission Equipment) EPC SERVICES

In order to ensure best of the services JPS has also undertaking the OLTE EPC activities that come part and parcel of the SCADA Activity. We are providing the end to end consultation services of the optical communication establishment as lots of times where the PLCC is not feasible; we have to ensure the data gets transferred to Remote Control Station (RCC). In this Context started an OLTE specialty wing that will ensure to fulfill the OLTE and by extension OFC EPC.

In this activity we undertake a survey of the site proliferate the communication need of the establishment and advice the customer the best possible technology and all its related accessories that are mandate by the current and near future needs.

Following is the proliferation of the various activities that we undertake
  • Survey of the site to enumerate the Communication needs
  • Technology PDH or SDH
  • Redundancy needs
  • Telephone exchange and Subscriber needs
  • OFC Specification and Lengths
  • OFC Laying Accessories needs
  • Draft the proposal based on the survey results
  • On receiving the PO submit Project Plan for EPC
  • Procurement of the equipment mandated
  • Erection OLTE Equipment and Laying of the OFC
  • Testing and Commissioning