No process monitoring solution can be complete without reports. While Infrastructure Mapper, Graphical Charts, alarms etc. are essential tools for operational personnel, reports are vital for management, analysis and planning. GridX SCADA provides built-in capability to record process data into a database and generate reports from the logged data. It has built-in support for defining and generating a variety of reports from process and manual entry data. The report designer is very flexible, allowing you to completely customize the content and appearance of the report. You can create hourly, daily, monthly, yearly aggregation reports through the report designer.

  • Customizable header and footer content grid and ability to populate data in the grid cells through pick and place the parameters
  • Ability to display customer information as well as system integrator's logo in the report header.
  • Built-in pagination support for large reports
  • Ability to export reports to Excel, PDF and many other formats
  • Completely configurable appearance of various portions of the report
  • Supports generation of daily, monthly and yearly aggregation reports with customizable aggregation function for each report column
  • Supports automatic display one or more summary rows at the end of the report