Statistical Plotter-SP

Statistical Plotter is the most popular tool for monitoring critical parameters. They display relative variations in process parameter over an interval. GridX SCADA allows you to define Graphical Charts to simultaneously view and compare a group of parameters in line chart. The Graphical Charts that you define can also be used to view online as well as historical trend of parameters. This significantly cuts down the time and effort that you need to set up historical trends. You can also use Graphical Charts as symbol on Infrastructure map.

Key Features
  • Select any number of parameters for charting on a single trend chart
  • Choose between common value axis or separate value axis for each parameter
  • Configurable axis range for each selected parameter
  • Selectable pen colors for displaying trend of each selected parameter
  • Allows user to hide or show parameter trends from the defined group at runtime
  • Automatic calculation of axis range based on the currently visible parameter trends
  • Cursor line support to view values of select tags at a time instance
  • Easy and intuitive, scroll through viewing of historical trends