Infrastructure Mapper

Infrastructure Mapper’s are essential part of a SCADA / HMI solution. Infrastructure Mapper provide an intuitive user interface to mimic a Sub-Station for monitoring and control. Infrastructure Mapper lets you build professional looking, user friendly process diagrams with very little effort. You can also add extensive animation support to mimic the process through its easy to use symbol animation editor. Color, movement, scaling, visibility etc, can be controlled through animation expressions.

Key Features
  • Drag-drop adding of exhaustive library of devices symbols on the process diagram
  • Display process Parameters values in symbols by simply associating the symbol with a parameter through a smart symbol animation editor. No scripting required
  • Ability to import text based netlist to create basic infrastructure diagram
  • Ability to import based infrastructure diagram to create netlist
  • Provide color, movement, scaling, image flip, visibility animation through simple animation expression editor.
  • Supports cut / copy / paste to allow quickly replicating symbols on the process diagram.
  • Provides extensive design aid tools for aligning and equi-sizing symbols
  • Extensive set of symbol library that allows building of professional looking infrastructure diagrams. Our scalable vector symbols allow you to create crisp looking mimic diagrams
  • Extensible symbol framework - allows system integrators to create their own highly interactive symbols with minimal effort